Big Ok

Big Ok is a mixture, seemingly impossible, of three very strong personalities:
– the American songwriter and DIY-luthier Paul Fuster, with more than 25 years of transoceanic career, always taking the opposite way and avoiding accommodation.
– the noise-violinist Sara Fontán, who only acts live, without recording solo albums, and which is or has been part of projects as diverse as Manos de Topo, Arbol, La Orquesta del Caballo Ganador or PIÑA.
– and Edi Pou, 50% of ZA!, a group that has taken its unpredictable and DIY proposal across 5 continents.

The experiment could only go wrong … or tremendously well. A year and a half ago, they met in Fuster’s small hometown and spent 3 days improvising and getting to know each other musically. A month later they were offering their first concert, and now they release one of the most beautifully raw records recorded by Santi García.

The recording lasted two and a half days, with the 3 musicians in the same room, and using only 10 microphones (as the performer Vicky Macarte tells Credits, the last song on the album). The result is 11 songs loaded with energy, emotion and honesty: you hear footsteps on the wooden floor, pedals trampled, complicity laughters, improvised voices within the songs, never completely closed. Why remove all this and fill it with artifice?
Qualifying the sound of the group as unique is a no-brainer: Paul Fuster plays the batarra (an instrument designed and manufactured by himself), Sara processes his violin through multiple effects and Edi’s drumset carries broken cymbals and cooking pans.
Their songs come from long improvisations, starting from a common territory (Shellac, Swans, Sabbath, Sinatra… 90’s, 70’s, 50’s), and from there good ideas are polished to generate their own style. They describe it, with laughter, as “free-grunge for crooners”. Or as “carving flowers with a lawn mower face up”. Or just music to “blow it all”, as Paul says.
In his lyrics there is humor (against oneself, in Mexican Hats) and love (for a car, in Clio), but above all you breathe a celebration of common-creation, euphoric, sincere and grateful.

Big Ok debut album is released through Gandula (home of ZA! and Sara Fontan), Chesapik (the label that releases Fuster’s solo works) and A Tant rêver du Roi in France.

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There are currently no tour dates for Big Ok!

They might be rehearsing, carving flowers, eating pizza, breaking strings.


Big Ok (2017)


live recording (tots sants)