Manos de Topo

Manos de Topo have needed three years to find a shortcut from their previous release. They still sing about love and relationships, but this time from a do-it-yourself standpoint – a shortcut as well as a roundabout, in yet another jump into the void. Still they are aware that it is not so warm in Hell, so they have put together ten new tracks about treading new paths and opening narrow trails by the gutter of the mainstream “sentimental” routes. The road is paved with tricks all the same, and they still write in their own fashion: everyday soap operas, nightgown tragedies, skirts that hide unfathomable secrets and exorcised undergarments waved as a flag; characters with broken revolutionary little hearts, love terrorists and straight action lovers; naked intensity and passion and vocal chords brought to the limit.

While the liberty that comes with self-publishing does not make them any different, still something has changed. Manos de Topo, again with Ramón Rodríguez in production duties, are now more true to themselves than ever, more committed to their times – and to the passing of time. Sounds, structures and vocals run deep into already trodden paths, but in a more comprehensive way than ever before.

Caminitos del Deseo is a party at the threshold of the end of the world, with a black hole for a disco ball and lovers in the bar, seamlessly matching the hues of their revolutionary underwear with those of molotov cocktails. Everyone is invited.

In Caminitos del Deseo Miguel Ángel Blanca sings and plays guitar, Alejandro Marzoa struts melodies with his keyboards and xylophone, Rafael de los Arcos keeps the beat at drums and background vocals, Edu Campos keys the tempo on bass and Sara Fontán caresses her tiny little pedals with the smoothest violins.

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