Paul Fuster

Paul Fuster was born in Minnesota. His parents soon relocated to New York, though, where young Paul grew up and developed an early inclination for trying out and tampering with things – anything from dismantling and refurbishing vans to disentrailing the secrets of vegan gastronomy.

Fascinated by the Latin musicians he met in parks, he sinked into percussion lessons so frantically that he was soon hired as a sessionist in several NYC recording studios.

In late 1998 Paul moved to Barcelona, hometown to his family, where he stayed for a while, did some songwriting and chain-released two records, 36 weeks and Battleship. He also gigged incessantly, did some TV appearances, and collected several awards. In 2002 his most acclaimed record to date, Happy Nothing, was released, but soon afterwards he decided to put his musical career in hiatus and return to New York in order to spend more time with his son and devote himself to other absorbing interests such as bicycle design and construction.

Back there he put together an experimental band alongside Aron Sánchez and Arone Dyer. Proton Proton recorded a couple EPs which are the foundation of Paul’s next musical steps.

In 2012 Paul returned to Barcelona and released a wonderful, poetry-laden record in Catalan, Repte, with which he toured the country for 55 consecutive days – an inspiring experience that is captured in the documentary Pauls Planet.

After yet another long period away from the music world, he is back with a collection of brand-new jewels. Go/Between.

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